Hey folks, 

After 8 years wearing this old Bearsuit of mine, I've decided to make a change and move on from running my song brokerage/publishing company.  I want to thank every artist I've had the pleasure of working with, every music supervisor that's pitched and landed placements for my submissions, and really everyone that has supported and believed in me along the way.  I can't tell you how much of a great experience it was running this company.

Below, I've listed a few handy links for music buyers to know where to go to clear songs/bands/artists I've pitched in the past.   





Aporia (Kinnie Starr, Eamon McGrath, Dustin Bentall, Dearly Beloved, Federal Lights, Morgan Doctor, The Grapes Of Wrath, Donovan Woods, Lily Frost, Julie Doiron, The Coast, Foam Lake, Catlow, Crunchy Frog Label for Canada)

Endearing (Sidney York, Jonathan Inc, Paper Moon, Castle Project, Lydia Hol, Kalle Mattson, Rae Spoon, Guitaro, Sheree Plett, Sinewave, Jordan Klassen

Curve (Lindsay Broughton, Jack Connolly, 9yrs, The Corner, The Dunes

Outside (Jill Barber, Matthew Barber, Folly & The Hunter, Leif Vollebekk, Aidan Knight,


DerrivalYoung RivalThe Goodluck AssemblyOcean City DefenderKriefFragments Of WinterFevers